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The Roots of Malini

(Malini means a flower that never stops to emit the smell of its fragrance…..) Malini is a concept that was initiated by the local founder Mr. Wayan Tana. His passion is to turn arid land above the cliffs of Uluwatu to be able to be planted and produce crops under harsh conditions.

Uluwatu area known for environment and climate problems, such conditions as the saltwater, lack of or too much rain, intense sunlight and drought. Back in the 1980’s the local farmers had moved away from the area due to the crop failures.

So the government set up a transmigration program enabling the people to move to other parts of Indonesia and to sustain life. This was of course disaster for the local people who wanted to remain to stay but farming became harder and harder to sustain. And the next generation didn’t want to become farmers and follow the paths of their Fathers and Grandfathers as it lacked of guarantee of a secure future.

Rapidly the investors and developers took advantage of the so called forgotten barren land and begun acquiring vast area of land in the 1990’s to build hotels and resorts as you witnessed today. But Wayan has begun to change this around and opened his first dream for locals and tourists to come and visit his wonderful agricultural park as a means of agriculture education and tourist attraction.

And remarkably for the first time in history Wayan has proved to The Bali people, Indonesian and the World that crops can be grown, thrives on and harvested in Pecatu Village and set the benchmark inspiring other farmers in the area to join and once again proud to call themselves the farmer of Uluwatu.